William Osborne and Abbie Conant

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We now have a demo video and gallery for 

our new music theater work Aletheia. 

Click here for details.


We know have the texts online for four of our music theater works:  

Miriam Part I, The Mirror 

Miriam Part II, The Chair

Street Scene for the Last Mad Soprano



jessica-cropped.JPG (130129 Byte)Dr. Jessica D. Butler has completed her dissertation about our music theater work and has been awarded a Doctorate of Musical Arts degree by the University of Iowa. 

Jesús Fernando Lloret González

a professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga, has completed his dissertation about our music theater and multimedia work and has been awarded his Ph.D.

hair-cropped.jpg (140203 Byte)We have completed a video of 

Miriam, Part II: The Chair

as part of Abbie's sabbatical 2010-11.



The webpage for our Taos studio 

is now completed.  See photos, and listings for the 11 salons we have presented.


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Updated March 2012.

Recent News About Our Activities



red.JPG (154909 Byte)The complete video of 

Music for the End of Time 

is now on-line, along with the score.


stats-image.jpg (6014 Byte)This site had 134,606 visitors from February 1, 2012 to January 31, 2013.  Our site averaged 382 unique visitors per day, or 11,217 per month  for the year.