William Osborne and Abbie Conant

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  William has completed a video score for his opera Alice Through the Looking-Glass.

English version      Deutsche Fassung



We have a new video, much improved video of our music theater work Aletheia



English or German



This spring we will tour to 17 cities in the Southeastern USA.  We will be performing Aletheia. Details here.


We have a new video of Miriam, Part II, The Chair.

The page includes the score, text, and slideshow.


We now have a video of 

Music for the End of Time

in which you can follow the score.


We've completed a video production

of our work Pond.

See our new video, trailer, and slide show for Street Scene for the Last Mad Soprano.

jessica-cropped.JPG (130129 Byte)Dr. Jessica D. Butler has completed her dissertation about our music theater work and has been awarded a Doctorate of Musical Arts degree by the University of Iowa. 

Jesús Fernando Lloret González

a professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga, has completed his dissertation about our music theater and multimedia work and has been awarded his Ph.D.

hair-cropped.jpg (140203 Byte)We have a listing of a couple hundred of the performances we have done over the years here



The webpage for our Taos studio 

is now completed.  See photos, and listings for the 11 salons we have presented.


Couse Pasture Application Form for the National Register of Historic Places 

(This application was prepared by the Town of Taos probably in 2008.)

stats-image.jpg (6014 Byte)This site had 167,707 visitors from April 1, 2016 to March 1, 2017.  Our site averaged 459 unique visitors per day, or 13,725 per month for the year.