Video Interviews with the faculty and students of the


Lieksa Brass Week 2008


Below are two videos I filmed during the Lieksa Brass Week 2008.  The festival's theme was  women brass players.  In the first video, many valuable aspects of brass playing are addressed in the discussions, as well as thoughts about the increasing participation of women in the brass world.   


The second video focuses on the festival itself.  Artistic Director Juko Harjanne explains why he devoted a festival to women brass players, five students briefly describe their experience at the Brass Week, and Managing Director Nina Kärkkäinen briefly discusses the festival's history and impact on the community of Lieksa.  


The Lieksa Brass Week 2009 will feature many incredible artists, including the Canadian Brass Quintet.   Many thanks to Juko and Nina for a wonderful experience!


--Abbie Conant




Requires RealPlayer.  Free download here.


Click on the pictures to advance to each individual's interviews. 


Video One

Jonas Bylund

State Cons. Hannover

Lisa Albrecht

New York Philharmonic

Erja Joukamo-Ampuga

Sibelius Academy

Lisa Ford*

Göteborgs Symfoniker

Indalecio Bonet Manrique

Spanish Brass

Carol Jantsch

Philadelphia Orchestra

Gallery of Smiles


Extra: Prof. Bylund gives a lesson in geography!


* (Due to a technical error, the interview with Lisa Ford is only a fragment.  I hope to add to it later.) 



Video Two

Juko Harjanne

Helsinki Radio & Director of Lieksa Brass Week

Student Testimonials



Nina Kärkkäinen

Managing Director of 

Lieksa Brass Week