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An Early Experimental Version of

Alice Through the Looking-Glass

for seven singers, harp, piano, contrabass, and percusion (three)


This is a section from an early experimental version completed in 1977 of my opera Alice Through the Looking-Glass. 


Beginning in 1983 or 1984, I began using the material to complete a more traditional version of the work which was premiered in Tel Aviv in 1985 by the Israel Chamber Orchestra in conjuction with the Israel based Train Theater.  I heavily revised the 1985 version in 2019.


The early experimental version is a separate work in itself.  A high resolution PDF score can be downloaded by clicking here.  (208 megs)  This is a graphic score and should be printed on large paper trimmed to 19.7 x 15.7 inches (or 50 x 40 cm.)  It can be read on a medium or large sized desktop monitor if zoomed, and is easier if the monitor is rotated to portrait orientation.


Here is a sample page from the score. Click to open the page in full resolution which can be zoomed to see the full detail: