Words and Music

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1. General Descrciption

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1. General Description


For actor, baritone, and piano, text by Samuel Beckett. (1983)  Premiere: Frankfurt - Theater am Turm, April 25, 1985. (22 minutes)


With his little known radio play, Words and  Music, Beckett concentrates on the expression of doubt and hopelessness that characterizes the inferno.  It is a world in which human relations are burdened because each soul is so completely trapped in its own identity.  An old man, forced by two muses, Words and Music, to remember a woman he once knew, realizes that he has never had genuine contact with another human being.   The work, seen here in an experimental staged version, was recorded by the Bavarian State Radio in 1985.




2. PDF Score


To download the PDF score (in German) click here.  (4 MB)